India's largest Manganese Oxide Producer



The product is generally used in manufacturing chemicals such as Manganese Sulphate, Manganese Carbonate, certain pesticides, fungicides etc. The production process is tailored such that non acid soluble Manganese content is kept to a minimum. Also, additional steps are taken to control the iron and silica content in the material.



Chemical Information


Molecular Weight: 71

C.A.S. Number : 1344-43-0

Technical Data

Density : 1.80 – 1.90 kg/dm³

Solubility: Water Insoluble/ Acid Insoluble



Test Method


Fine greenish-brown powder


Total Manganese (Mn)

40% +/- 2%

by Potentiometric titration- Volhards

Manganese Oxide (MnO)


by Potentiometric titration- Volhards

Iron as Fe

20% max.

IS – 1473 – 1969

Silica as SiO2

20% max.

IS – 1473 – 1969

Alumina as Al2O3

5% max.

IS – 1473 – 1969

Manganese Dioxide (MnO2)

2% max.

IS – 1473 – 1969

Screen analysis 100 mesh (BSS)

95-100% Passing


Shelf Life

3 Years


DIOXIN:Our material is free of Dioxins & Dioxin-likePCBs

TOXICITY : MnO is not hazardous

HANDLING : Avoid dust formation, which may cause respiratory, skin, eye irritation

STORAGE : Store in dry, well – ventilated area

PACKING : Packed in HDPE/PP bags (25/50 Kg. bags , 1000/1250 kgs BIG BAGS)


Please note that the above specifications are ones that are typically used for the applications stated above. However, if the above specifications do not match the customer’s needs, we will gladly tailor make the product for him. Parameters such as Mn, Fe and Si content, Mesh size and heavy metal content can be altered as per the customer’s request.



The production capacity of MMCPL for Manganese Oxide is 1500 MT/month