India's largest Manganese Oxide Producer

Powdered MnO2 (Natural) is used in the manufacturing of products such as batteries, glass, aromatic chemicals and  ceramics. It is also used in the Zinc Smelting Industry. Granular MnO2 is primarily used for water treatment and purification. 

Chemical Information

Molecular Weight: 87

C.A.S. Number : 1313-13-9

Technical Data

Density : 5.026 kg/dm³

Solubility: Acid Insouble / Water Insoluble

We make different grades of MnO2 powder ranging from MnO2 60% to MnO2 90%. The powder size ranges from 100 mesh to 300 mesh (BSS). Detailed product specifications can be provided based on the grade selected by the customer.

One of our major breakthroughs in the field of MnO2 is our product in Granular form. This product needs a very precise distribution of size ranging from 0.5 mm to 1 mm, 0.425 mm – 0.85 mm, 1mm – 2 mm, 2 mm – 4 mm etc.


Dioxin : Our product is free from Dioxins and Dioxin like PCB’s

Handling : Avoid dust formation, which may cause respiratory, skin, eye irritation

Storage : Store in dry, well – ventilated area

Packaging : Packed in HDPE/PP bags (25/50 Kg. bags , 1000/1250 kgs BIG BAGS)

The production capacity of MMCPL for Manganese Dioxide is 2000 MT/month.